Eyas Jaafar

Eyas Jaafar is one of those enthusiastic artists who uses different approaches, materials, and ideas to explore the art and express the questions of humans and the tragedy of war and life.

Eyas started painting, mainly faces or body' expressions of men and women.  Generally, the both (men and women) do not appear in the same painting.  It's a choice to separate them, just as the war is breaking some families apart.


As a father Eyas confronted the need to find others ways to live.  By creating illustrations for children’s books, comics  and graphic design, he explores different artistic and visual practices for many years in Syria and in Turkey.

Between 1988 and 1992 he participated in many exhibitions and shared his realizations in others countries such as the Comics Festival in Angouleme,  France and creating illustrations for a children’s book, The Dreamer Tailor.

He is always trying new ideas and innovations , as when he starts with a producer, to build a series of animations.  Giving another dimension to his design lines and other possibilities to link graphic and animation.  Today, he is still continue to work in animation and design and painting.   


This is his way of finding peace on this world.

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