Gulnar Hajo

“All the cities in our age are similar, becoming gray more and more.


Wars, hardness manifested in the precipitant aspects of life. But still humans have a lot of tenderness, passion for beauty, and yearning for love, art and peace.   In the dreams of the women there is a lot of love, beauty….. Possibly it could turn into a reality ….”


Gulnar Hajo is an award winning illustrator and writer.  Winner of the Al Sharjah Award (2013) and the Anna Lindh Foundation prize (2009),  her stories have been translated into many languages around the world.   She has written and published more than 20 books for children and worked as the editor for a children’s magazine in Syria.  A graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty of Damascus University, she currently lives in Istanbul.  Her work is beloved and enjoyed by children and adults around the world. 

Dream of City through the Eye of Wom
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