Hiba Aizouq

My work does not represent bare beauty or happiness, unless they were forbidden or locked deep inside, and it is the same for the different kinds of expatriations which might be locked inside of each person’s heart. For example, fake smiles could be a powerful proof for inner homelessness because each person has many characters with a lot of differences.


It’s all about the emotional reactions which come with certain circumstances, some people choose to hide these reactions for many reasons, others decide that it’s okay to show them in public. In other words I might say that both of the deep/hidden feelings and the most honest character for each person… are my specialty.

A graduate of Damascus University, Hiba has held solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Erbil and Beirut.  She has participated in collective exhibitions in Damascus, Palmary, Sulaymaniyah, and Sweden. 

Art From Exile Hiba Aiswaq 20151105-_OBA1520
Art From Exile Hiba Aiswaq 20151105-_OBA1523
Art From Exile Hiba Aiswaq 20151105-_OBA1519